When I think of water I think of life-giving energy. Without water, all life would cease to exist. Water is arguably our most important resource. Dehydration is a chronic epidemic that is one of the #1 causes of inflammation in the body. We know that inflammation is associated with all disease. If we deduce these facts we can recognize that chronic dehydration may be a contributing factor to dis-ease and illness. Many of you are doing your part and drinking enough water; it’s not the amount that is the problem. The challenge is finding life-giving water that is able to penetrate hydrate at the cellular level. Most water is dirty not only biochemically but bioenergetically as well.

Very few have the luxury of living near a natural water spring; water that is alive, moving, and rich in minerals. Bottled spring water must be pumped through tubes using electricity and plastic. The water is also pasteurized in order to kill potential pathogens. By the time the spring water gets to you, it has taken on a whole new structure and is not alive. It’s dead and it’s structure is not able to effectively hydrate your cells.


The EWG is on record as recommending that you consider tap water as your primary drinking water source, as it is more frequently tested and treated than bottled water. WOW!  Despite claims of purity, bottled water can still contain contaminants such as arsenic, phthalates, and coliform reports the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). So, bottled water is not necessarily the answer. Not to mention the #PLASTIC issue!!

Experts agree that a strong indicator for the quality of water is assembled at a 60-degree angle geometrically speaking. Most tap water has an angle of 90° which indicates a high-level pollution load. In contrast to that, spring water is assembled at 60°. Indicating that there is a definite bioenergetic change between dirty water and water that is alive and well mineralized. In nature, 60° is an expression of vitality and purity.

Water is the source, receiver, and memory of “information” or electromagnetic waves. Whatever it comes in contact with it holds the memory. 

Using an RO (reverse osmosis) system to purify the water biochemically is the just BEGINNING phase of drinking the most hydrating water possible.

First, the water must contain minerals which make it a crystalline structure. RO water is void of minerals. It is a dead and void water that is unable to effectively hydrate your cells.

“When we examine a quartz crystal we find it contains a measurable electrical charge. In physics, this kind of power is called piezo-electricity. Electricity = energy and energy is life. Crystals are a carrier of information. For example, a computer microchip, which is made of quartz crystal can only receive, store and transmit information by virtue of its geometric structure. If we destroyed the structure of the crystal, it would, from a chemical standpoint, remain silicate but no longer be able to store memory.” WATER AND SALT THE ESSENCE OF LIFE

Therefore we know that structure matters!

If water is not correctly structured it is not able to effectively penetrate the cell membrane. So, no matter how much water you drink it may not be hydrating you at the cellular level. DEHYDRATION is an epidemic. Chronic dehydration increases inflammation in the body and inflammation is the basis of dis-ease.

What’s the solution?

After being chronically dehydrated myself, this dehydration let to many unwanted symptoms such as:

chronic fatigue, depression, weakened immune function, sluggish bowels and a host of other health-related problems. 

I embarked on a journey to learn about water, on a quest to redeem my life-force back. Many people have opinions about water and hydration but let’s let the science speak for itself here.

Just as water can take on healing positive information, it can also store negative characteristics. Unfortunately, these frequently burdensome waves are not removed in standard water purification processes. Only special physical procedures can cancel out these frequencies.

“Intensive research in the united states supervised by Dr Cousens has proven that minerals can enter cells when they are surrounded by a ring of structured water. The bodies mineral requirements should be covered by the food we eat. The minerals in water, in contrast, form the basis which allows natural water structures to arise.” Ing. Bernhard Ratheiser 

An interesting finding from bio-pho-ton research done by Prof Dr. Popp is that “only in structured water can the cells pass on information from DNA molecules, with the help of structured light.

Counteracting dehydration and excessive acidity, which most people suffer from nowadays, can only be achieved with optimally structured water which can be absorbed by the cells.

“The Austro-Russian biophysicist, Karl Trincher, went one step further when he pointed out that ‘The actual medium of life is intracellular water and not biological macromolecules which initially change, but the speical structure of the cellular fluid breaks down first. The decisive factor here is not the chemical composition of the water molecules, or which substances, i.e. minerals, are dissolved in it, but the arrangement of the water-molecule network, or their physical structure'” Ing. Bernhard Ratheiser 



  1. Filter the tap water with a 12 step reverse osmosis system. The one I use is from Omica Organics. It’s the most comprehensive and affordable system. Here is a link to the 12 step system.

2. Mineralize the water. I’ve learned a lot about bicarbonates and brewing water from my good friend Matt Blackburn. He is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to bicarbonates as well as many other health resources, including DHA. Watch his instructional YouTube video here on how to make bicarbonates and brew mineralized water.

3. Restructure the water. There are many ways to restructure the bioelectricity of the water. I use gemstones when I’m on the run and love the company VitaJewel. You can purchase a wide range of VItajewel water bottles at

At home, I have an industrial home water filter to ensure that all of the water I bathe and shower in is structured. I also love that my garden gets structured water from the house filter. This means that all of the botanicals from my garden are denser in minerals and nutrient rich! WIN.

My favorite house filter is made by UMH in Austria and has a plethora of scientific research to back it’s data and claims. 

You can find more information about this system at their local distributor, The Sanctuary Wellness Experience. 619.861.8351

Or visit and mention The Sanctuary Wellness experience to receive a gift with purchase.