Three Day Wellness Retreat

Enter into a world created with you in mind. The Sanctuary Wellness Experience is your sacred space for personal transformation. Give yourself permission to leave your cares behind as we nurture your mind, body and spirit. Awaken your senses and just be.


Escape to paradise with a full body massage, tea ceremony, aromatherapy and soothing scalp massage. This is your welcoming ritual, easing you into a true state of relaxation. You will experience soul nurturing, beach walks, sunset mediation, customized wellness therapies and farm to table meals. Finish your evening with a rejuvinating foot bath and reflexology massage. Drift off into slumber after a mineralizing drink to aid in a good night’s sleep.


Begin your day with breakfast in your private suite and time to connect with what really matters to you. Enjoy healing stretch over Sunset Cliffs, body rolling and strengthening classes and a private session with an integrative nutritionist. Be treated to cell rejuvenating practices, integrative structural massage and a cleansing and brightening facial. Embark on a guided beach hike, receive a Cryogenic Stem Cell treatment, lymphatic drainage and soothing techniques to cradle you to sleep.


Experience the pleasure of breathing deeper and knowing what complete relaxation feels like. On this third day of deep nurturing, your body is now awakening and rejuvenation has begun. We will provide with you the tools and techniques you need to take the Sanctuary Wellness Experience home and into your daily life. You will leave our gates transformed from whence you came.