Grippz Mats is the only mat on the market providing benefits of a therapeutic acupressure and reflexology.
One hour of practicing yoga on a Grippz Mat equals to a full professional acupressure treatment without the cost of it.

Ten Benefits of using a Grippz Mat:
1. Energizes you in the morning and puts you in terrific sleep for hours at night.

2. Offers instant relief with more than 8000 acupressure points.

3. Provides you with a warm and relaxing sensation after practicing yoga, stretching, or simply resting on a mat.

4. Increases blood circulation.
5. Relaxes sore muscles.
6. Provides instant stress and pain relief.

7. Improves metabolism and digestion by stimulating points on your feet.

8. Aides in weight loss.

9. Completely washable.
10. Made form recycled, recyclable and non-toxic material.

Grippz Mats provide all the benefits of acupressure including increased blood circulation, improved mood, stress relief, muscle relaxation, weight loss, and overall feeling of well-being.
The acupressure points release endorphins, which help reduce aches and pains and relieve anxiety and stress.
Workout and enjoy the benefits of acupressure and reflexology. Choose Grippz Mats.

Grippz Mats and The Sanctuary Wellness Experience are thrilled to giveaway two awesome Grippz Mats products: a yoga block and yoga towel. Here’s how to enter:

1. Comment on our Grippz Mats blog and tell us why you would like to win the yoga towel and block. (link in profile)
2. Tag 3 friends
3. That’s I! You’re entered.
The winner will be announced via IG story on Sunday, September 9th after 5:00 pm.