Waxing is a great alternative to shaving, as the hair grows back softer, finer, and less frequently. Our waxing is offered in a clean, safe environment with a trained and licensed aesthetician. Our waxing process conditions the hair root, allowing for non-abrasive hair removal.

For Women

Chin $15
Lip $15
Under Arm $25
Brow Styling $29
Brow Maintenance $20
Full Arm $39
Bikini $40
Back/Chest $49
Half Leg $55
Brazilian $59
Full Leg $65

Wow Brow Lift and Brow Shaping

Art + Science = Perfection: A stunning brow requires a natural arch because it will frame your face with exactness as well as enhance your best features. Our philosophy is to balance the face with well-shaped brows by using three main focal points on the face. We follow-up your perfect brow styling with a BROW LIFT, using our NuFACE Microcurrent treatment, opening your eyes and giving you that wide eyed youthful look. Your brows are then finished with brow pencil or mousse to complete the transformation. Instant uplifting results. These two combined treatments give you a WOW BROW!!!!!!!