Mind, Body and Soul Therapy

Enjoy a massage from one of our five star rated massage therapists and feel The Sanctuary difference. Immediately experience the powerful effects of our synergistically blended massage cream, a centuries proven East Asian herbal formula. This exclusive Jadience formula improves circulation while removing toxins and internal bruising. This rare blend of herbs, including clematidis, achyranthis, and puerariae, relaxes sore and tight muscles, alleviates symptoms of pain, strengthens muscles and joints, and aids in the relief of swelling and inflammation. Used by world-class athletes.

Sanctuary Massage Services

Yamuna Structural Integrative Massage

Our structural integrative massage seeks to help you find balance and alignment in your body. Our body is often out of alignment because of scarring in the tissue and fascia that is pulling muscle groups out of place. This kind of misalignment can be very painful for people and is a source of chronic back issues. We have had great success with pain relief in our structural sessions. This session is not like a typical massage. We use YAMUNA body balls to achieve these results and its dynamic.

90 Minutes / 125

Customized Massage

Our massage therapist will build a perfect massage for you based on the pressure you prefer and the needs you would like to address during the treatment. Treatment time/90 minutes.