It’s a VitaJuwel for You and Your Four-Legged Friend

Water is essential for life. It is alive, and we know it has memory that can hold onto what it is exposed to. The structure of water crystals can be positively influenced by gemstones in VitaJuwel products. This change is conceived by frequency and vibrations that gemstones and crystals emit. Compare the two pictures below and notice the difference….

Water crystals from regular tap water as seen under a microscope

Water crystals from regular tap water after placing the Vita Juwel vial in the water for 7 minutes as seen under a microscope
What an AMAZING transformation! The structure of ordinary tap water molecule is positively influenced to resemble the same structure found in natural spring water.

The human tradition of using gemstones to enliven drinking water has been around for centuries. VitaJuwel is a master at crafting safe and sustainable gemwater products for you to use whenever, wherever. People that invest in VitaJuwel products have the opportunity to choose from 12 different gemstone blends that are all based off of ancient crystal healing traditions.
But what about our beloved pets? They are considered family members to most. VitaJuwel’s mission is to share heavenly water with everyone, including our furry little royals. Now it’s even more possible.


Introducing the CrownJuwel pet bowl by VitaJuwel; A gemwater bowl for 4-Legged Royals

A CrownJuwel for Pets

The main component of our pet’s body is water. It’s important for us to know what is in the drinking water that we serve to our furry friends. With every drink your pet takes from the CrownJuwel, you can rest assure knowing it provides these healthful benefits:
Increases pet’s wellbeing and vitality
Improves the taste of pet’s drinking water
Increase in pet’s water consumption
Sufficient supply of fresh water will improve your pet’s overall health and vitality.
Best of All: Your four-legged friend will LOVE IT!


Developed with Love for Animals in the German Alps
The Gemwater Bowl is designed using sustainable, robust materials. The GemPod in the middle of the drinking bowl consists of pollutant-free borosilicate glass. The main component of this sturdy, bite-resistant bowl is bamboo. The CrownJuwel is available in three colors: natural white, slate grey, and ocean blue.


VitaJuwel CrownJuwel Gem Blend – 5 stones
(Jade – Brown Agate – Clear Quartz – Peridot – Mangano Calcite)

In order to maintain a healthy, robust metabolism, humans and animals must have a sufficient supply of fresh, vital water every day. Veterinarians and leading crystal experts worked together cooperatively with VitaJuwel to develop the CrownJuwel. This Gemwater bowl was developed out of a passionate desire that it would increase our pet’s well-being, boost pet vitality, and raise pet enthusiasm for drinking healthy water.
Exclusive Gemstone Blends Created to Aid the Special Needs of Cats and Dogs


The Sanctuary Wellness Experience and I are excited to gift you with a Forever Young Blend Vitality ViA bottle and your furry four-leggy royal with a Natural White CrownJuwel pet bowl. Here’s how to enter this giveaway:
1. Comment on the VitaJuwel blog and tell us why you and your pet should win. (link in profile)
2. Tag 3 friends.
3. That’s it! You’re entered! The winner will be announced via IG story on October 14th after 5:00 pm.