About Tracy

My Passion:
Helping others achieve amazing health through knowledge and application of holistic wellness principles and strategies.

My Story
I am a woman of passion. That one word is encompassing of all my life’s pursuits, love, and devotion. I have a passion for life and for people.

Where I began
To pay my way through college I modeled as a profession which led to the great opportunity of starting my first company, Eudaimia Models. Eudaimia Models was a modeling agency specializing in print work, runway, and trade-shows. I managed the modeling careers of over 75 girls. As the owner of Eudamia Models I had the fortunate opportunity of working with some of the most respected and well acclaimed skin care specialists, trainers, nutritionists, make-up artists, photographers, and stylists. We all worked together to build the careers of our modeling team as well as some of our celebrity clientele.

After running Eudaimia Models for 6 years I decided to close the agency to focus my pursuits on being a great mother and wife. Little did I know that my entrepreneurial personality would not let me stop there. After working along side many health experts and beauty professionals, I was inspired to further my own education in the field of nutrition, herbalism and integrative medicine. I spent the next 5 years going to school and getting certified in these fields.

My philosophy is that we CAN live healthy, abundant and fulfilled lives without the help a pharmaceuticals, pain killers, diet pills, or anything foreign and made in a lab. I believe it is possible to live radiant lives full of beauty, health, and joy. This is all possible with the dedication of knowing intimately what is in our food, skin care, make-up, cleaning products, thoughts and environment. My personal experience bears witness to this truth. We don’t have to be victims to disease. Epigenetics tells us that we are above our genetics and are made up of what we choose to make a part of our lives. We can take control of our health. I love teaching people! Education is the key. We don’t need to be sold we need to be well informed of…THE TRUTH! After being asked by many people questions regarding skin-care, health, fitness, and make-up; I decided to start a wellness spa, The Sanctuary Wellness Experience. We opened our doors in 2008. It was there I gave people access to the advice, personal coaching and products that were often exclusive to celebrities and top models at the time. Many people loved The Sanctuary for it’s intimate space that focused on making details a priority. Today, The Sanctuary has expanded into a wellness hideaway. People come from all around the globe for a personal transformation experience. The Sanctuary Wellness Experience is a place where they can leave their cares behind and be nurtured, mentally, physically and emotionally. It’s a sacred space that is a culmination of many masterful experts in their field brought together with you in mind. Get a taste of what clean living feels like by following my blog here.

I pray this site encourages you today.
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She is clothed with strength and dignity and she laughs with no fear of the future.
When she speaks the law of KINDNESS is on her tongue.”
Proverbs 31:25,26